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Our Story

Building Appearance at Purchase

GiGi Design Co. Now!

A Little Girl Had A Dream

Once upon a time a little girl had a dream

where her creative spirit and personality could flourish.

She loved spending time in the garden with her mother

and creating things from "scratch" in the kitchen.

Someday she wanted to share her love for flowers and food with others. The year was 1979 and the little girl was me. 

Fast forward 40 years, now with a Master Florist background, a love for cooking and a strong passion for creativity, it was time to take that little girl enthusiasm and turn it into a career. 

What started as an idea for online business while sitting on the beaches of Aruba, has now turned into my dream brick and mortar studio.  A place where I can share my style and creativity with others.

The dream has finally become a reality.

I have a ton of people to THANK for their countless hours of hard work and generosity to make this all happen.

Starting with my hard-working husband, Brent - your craftsmanship and talents amaze me! I couldn't have done this without you! Know that the entire studio has been changed in one way or another, and he is the craftsman/engineer behind this woman's crazy and sometimes impossible requests! 

Our kids - who all had to travel from a distance for demo day thru a winter storm - meant the world to me to have you part of this project!

An extra thank you to Danielle.  My daughter. my best friend, and my inspiration! The person who ALWAYS keeps me centered and on track.  ALL of your help has been so gratefully appreciated and the memories we've shared on this journey have been priceless!

Some pretty amazing friends - You guys went ABOVE & BEYOND! 

Pulling from your own resources to help this girl out. 

The time, efforts & support - literally so VERY grateful to call you all friends. 

The words THANK YOU just don't seem big enough for the heartfelt gratitude I feel for each and every one of you. 

Who Is GiGi?

So many people ask me where we got the name GiGi.

The name GiGi is to honor a life so fully lived,

 a laugh so absolutely contagious that it made you smile upon hearing it.

 A person so very passionate for flowers, gardening and cooking. 

 A heart so deeply loved.  Someone I was lucky enough to call "Mom".

My mother passed away way too soon in life and it only seemed appropriate

to name the studio in her honor. After all - My passion for FLOWERS AND FOOD came from my time spent with her.

So, there you have it! OUR STORY - It's the short version.

If you'd like to hear the long version,

stop on by the studio and I'll make us a cup of coffee.

- Kelly

My beloved mother

​GiGi Design Co.

229 3rd Ave. N

Lakefield, MN 56150


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