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Guaranteed to TANTALIZE your taste buds!


GiGi's Gourmet Market

Made with fresh ingredients and unique recipes that create the perfect 

combination of flavor.  Add a delicious touch that brings new 

and robust flavor to your meals with

 Gigi's Gourmet Market.

We offer a variety of gourmet items including barbeque sauces, mustards, salad dressings, vinaigrette's, jams, pretzel dips, jellies, and seasonings.

Just a few of the local favorites....

GiGi's Sweet Bourbon Glaze

Oh soooo good on chicken and pork!

A finishing glaze, cook your meats to about 20 degrees before finished cooking.

(about 10 minutes before done)

Then pull meat from grill or oven and brush glaze over both sides.

Finish cooking to temp and enjoy!

Guaranteed happiness!

GiGi's Dill Pickle Mustard

Best described by a Dill Pickle Mustard Client...

"Where is that mustard that you put on brats that makes it taste like God himself made them."

​Yes, that is an actual quote! LOL

Good not only on brats and burgers, but delicious in Devil Eggs, Potato Salad

 or mixed with cream cheese as a dip!

Enjoy some today!

GiGi's Vidalia Onion Peppercorn Dressing

Our Vidalia Onion & Peppercorn Dressing has quickly become a "fan favorite"!

Not only for lettuce salad, but a refreshing flavor added to any cold pasta salad to pulled chicken.

Made only with the freshest of  Vidalia Onions!

GiGi's Red Raspberry Pretzel Dip

Taste the raspberry freshness with the ingredient list to include real red raspberries, white wine and cane sugar.

The amazing taste of fresh red raspberries will surprise your taste buds!

EXCELLENT over cream cheese and served with a sweet cracker!

To Purchase these & other items from our Gourmet Market 


"GiGi's Gourmet Market Store"

GiGi Design Co.

229 3rd Ave. N

Lakefield, MN 56150


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